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Scrappers Sneak Peek #4 – All things GEAR!!!

As we count down to release day, the overwhelming response to our latest Sneak Peek poll was that y’all wanna see the goodies you can equip your Crew with to lay down the hurt when they scrum with other Crews. So here it is in all its gory glory!


Gear is the composite term that summarizes the Weapons, Armor, and Equipment carried by the members of your Crew. This section will detail the important points of different types of Gear and the rules for using these instruments of war in your games.


Common Armor

Helmet – This head armor ranges in style, substance, and function. Any type of head adornment shown on the model may be used for this Gear.
5 SP

Leathers – Perhaps the most common garb in the Zones is an assortment of leather clothing or light armor reinforcements to ordinary clothing collectively referred to as Leathers.
5 SP

Piece Metal – This armor is a collection or hodgepodge of different metal, ceramic, or Plast-Iron pieces cobbled together to provide some increased measure of protection.
10 SP

Scrap Metal – This improvised heavy armor is an assortment of Plast-Iron scraps and various metals and fabrics used to provide greater protection at the cost of comfort.
30 SP

Shield – This device is worn on one appendage and is useful in providing protection against most muscle powered Weapons.
5 SP

Tac-Suit – This armor is primarily made from high density ballistic fabrics and impact resistant plates. It comes in many configurations and is most commonly used by the more successful Scrapper Crews.
20 SP

Scarce Armor

Blast Shield – Made from Plast-Iron sheeting this shield can resist greater damage from attacks than mundane equivalents.
15 SP

Combat Armor – The manufacture of this armor is a closely held secret of the Architechs. The suit is made of multiple Plast-Iron carapace pieces over a ballistic cloth body sleeve.
50 SP

Artifact Armor

Battle Armor – The mainline protection for precursor ground troops this is a heavier full carapace armor system with sealed life support body sleeve.

Bonded Hull – Reserved for war and security robots this defensive system is impervious to most forms of attack.

Force Shield – This wrist mounted protection generates a round shield of force that deflects and absorbs damage.

Intruder-Suit – Designed for infiltration and sabotage missions, this battle suit has advanced holographic and thermal camouflage projectors that confuse and disrupt all manner of detection methods.

Powered Armor – This is Battle Armor that has been enhanced with a fully powered bio-feedback exoskeleton that increases the wearer’s strength and endurance allowing for thicker armor to be added.

Skin-Suit – Used primarily as vacuum and hostile environment life support, these form fitting suits provide basic protection from physical harm as well.

War-Shell – The ultimate development in personal protection, this battlesuit dominates any battlefield. Completely covered in reinforced Plast-Iron carapace, bonded on the molecular level, and powered by an advanced bio-feedback exoskeleton around its fusion powered core, few enemies can stop this technological Titan.   


Common Weapons

Close Combat

Bludgeon - Blunt force trauma Weapon or tool such as a mace, large wrench, chain, or hammer.
5 SP

Cleaver – Heavy edged cutting or chopping implement such as an axe, scimitar, or machete.
5 SP

Great Bludgeon, Cleaver, or Sword – These are two-handed versions of their respective single-handed namesakes.
10 SP

Grinder – This covers any chainsaw, buzz-blade, or other high speed hand-held device that grinds through flesh and metal alike.
20 SP

Knife – A Scrapper’s best friend. Don’t go into a Zone without one.
1 SP

Spear – A sharp blade fixed to a two-handed length of stick.
5 SP

Sword – The King of Weapons, this covers all varieties of cut and thrust double edged blades between two to four feet in length.
5 SP

Ranged Combat

Assault Rifle – A rifle designed for full or semi-automatic bursts, this longarm is prized among most Crews.
40 SP

Auto-Pistol – The staple small arm of the Zones, this Sidearm fires medium caliber rounds reloading semi-automatically.
20 SP

Auto-Shotgun – This combat shotgun fires like a semi-automatic rifle without having to manually chamber the next round.
30 SP

Boomsticks – A favorite ballistic Weapon of the Sons of Entropy, these are contact detonation explosives strapped to a light javelin or similar stick used to throw the device at short range.
15 SP

Bow – One of the oldest weapons crafted by Ancient Man, this quiet, versatile weapon can be surprisingly lethal in the hands of a trained archer.
15 SP

Crossbow – This represents all low-tech archery weapons firing from a stock with a bow across the front providing propulsion for the quarrel or bolt.
15 SP

Hand Crossbow – A smaller version of the crossbow, this is small enough to be fired with one hand or from a wrist mount.
10 SP

Revolver – These are medium caliber revolving chamber pistols that are manually loaded.
15 SP

Rifle – This category covers most self-loading rifled longarms.
30 SP

Submachinegun – This is a compact firearm used for close quarters’ engagements. It’s abbreviated as SMG.
30 SP

Scarce Weapons

Flamethrower – A favorite of The Purge, this device fires a stream of flaming death that immolates anything or anyone in its path.
85 SP

Grenade Launcher – This gun fires 10mm grenades in a semi-automatic fashion. It includes Concussion, Fragmentation, and Smoke grenade types which may be chosen prior to the declaration of a Ranged combat Action. Buying this Weapon grants enough Grenades to use in each Game without need to repurchase.
40 SP

Grenade – A small hand-held device that detonates upon impact or by timer to release its effect in all directions. This may also be projected from a Grenade Launcher. Buying Grenades by themselves grants enough to use in each Game without need to repurchase.

  • Concussion – Flashbang shock and awe effects.
5 SP
  • EMP – Designed to knock out electronic systems this version is very effective against Synthetics.
15 SP
  • Fragmentation – Made to hurl shrapnel in all directions.
10 SP
  • Prismatic – Smoke enhanced with reflective particles that disrupt laser fire.
5 SP
  • Smoke – Billows obfuscating gas through the air in any color.
5 SP

Machinegun – This is the man-portable version of a machinegun used for squad support or to create a beaten zone of fire to discourage enemy activity.
55 SP

Rocket Launcher – While there are many variations of this device the basic principle is a tube that fires an explosive projectile.
100 SP

Sniper Rifle – This gun is a large caliber Longarm capable of hitting targets up to a mile or more.
60 SP

Artifact Weapons

Blaster Cannon, Pistol, and Rifle – Using a focused beam of hypersonic energy this Weapon strips flesh from bone and shatters inorganic materials. Each type varies in its range, rate of fire, and damage output.

Bonded Blade – This blade’s edge has been bonded on the molecular level to provide superior sharpness.

Devastator Pistol – The beam from this gun causes horrendous destruction to flesh and circuits alike. It is rightly feared by those who covet its power.

Energy Baton – This bludgeon is wreathed in a powerful energy field that amplifies its lethality in combat.

Fusion Rifle – The ultimate in man-portable combat arms, this gun creates a fusion reaction that is channeled down the barrel to incinerate its target with the heat of a sun.

Gauss Pistol, Rifle, and Submachinegun – This family of guns fire a small caliber high velocity round with an armor piercing core by using a magnetic field to accelerate the bullet and impart spin.

Gravity Gauntlet – A gravity enhancer has been incorporated into this battle gauntlet to increase the force of its strikes.

Laser Cannon, Pistol, and Rifle – These Weapons all utilize a power cell to concentrate light energy into a destructive beam.

Some versions of this Weapon family use x-ray laser technology to bypass traditional laser defenses.

Plasma Flamer – Replacing liquid fuel with super-heated plasma, this ‘flamethrower’ sprays a highly destructive inferno that consumes anything it hits.

Common Equipment

Climbing Rig - This is a general term for any combination of devices and rope that assists in climbing sheer surfaces. The model with this Gear should have some kind of rope and/or harness modeled on the figure proper.

When making Terrain Checks for the Climb Action this model gains a +3 CBT Rating bonus.
5 SP

Extra Rations - Nothing improves a Scrapper’s morale and fitness like an abundance of good quality food or a full fuel cell, depending on how they swing.

Extra Rations must be purchased for all models in a Crew. If this has been done, then this Crew’s Player gains one extra Break that can be used Once per Game.

Extra Rations only work for one game at a Supply Point cost of 5 points per model in the Crew. They can only be purchased if the Crew does not have any at that time and may not be purchased in multiples.
5 SP/each model 

Gas Mask - This piece of Gear comes in many forms and is useful in filtering out dangerous fumes and gases.

A model using this Gear gains a +3 CON Rating bonus when making a Resistance Check against an Attack bearing the Gas Source Trait.
10 SP

Ruck Sack - Scrappers tend to use some fashion of backpack, bag, or satchel to carry their extra food, equipment, and loot. The Ruck Sack represents these various items. Some form of back pack, large sack, or satchel must be modeled on the miniature for this Gear to be purchased.

A model with a Ruck Sack increases its Encumbrance limit by +1 piece of Gear.
2 SP

Tactical Harness - A model with a Tactical Harness increases his Encumbrance allowance by +1 piece of Gear and gets a +1CBT Rating bonus on any Terrain Check for the Climb Action.
5 SP

Tool Kit – A Tool Kit grants a +1 CMD Rating bonus to any Gear Check this model makes.
10 SP

Scarce Equipment

Comm Unit – A Commander model with a Comm Unit can extend its Command Radius to anywhere on the tabletop for any of its Crew members who also have purchased this Gear. All conditions for using a Command Radius still apply, they just have increased range.
10 SP/model

Extra Ammo - Running out of ammunition is never a good thing. Scrappers sent on special missions often take greater than normal amounts of ammo to compensate for a lack of access to their normal supply chain.

A model can use its Extra Ammo to automatically pass a Weapon Gear Check for a Longarm or Sidearm. This is usable only Once per Game and must be purchased between games as normal. A model may only have one piece of Extra Ammo Gear at one time.
15 SP

Hot-Suit – Designed to protect its wearer from the worst radiation, chemical, or biological attack this suit grants the model the Immune (Gas, Poison, Radiation) Trait.
20 SP

Laser Sight - A Laser Sight is purchased for a Sidearm or Longarm. It grants a +1 bonus to the user’s CBT Rating when making Ranged combat Attacks at up to Effective Range for the Weapon.
15 SP

Scope - A model may purchase a Scope for any Longarm he has, as long as the Scope is modeled on the Longarm.

When executing a Take Aim Action with a Scope, this model may use his Weapon’s Effective Range or 20” whichever is farther, for determining the Long Range penalty of CBT/2.
25 SP

Artifact Equipment

Auto-Doc – One of the greatest pieces of surviving Ancient technology, an Automatic Doctor is a self-contained, non-networked robotic physician capsule that will diagnose and treat any organic lifeform placed within.

This Gear is part of the Crew’s Stash and may only be used by True Human models.

In the After Action Report the Auto-Doc aids in healing injured members of the Crew. When making the Random Check on the Trauma Table, this Artifact lets the Wounded model’s Player roll 2d10 and take the result of his choosing. This may not be re-rolled by any means.

Auto-Fac – The Holy Grail of Ancient tech is the Automated Factory, or Auto-Fac. This automaton can replicate any item imagined by turning ordinary matter into compatible supplies.

A Crew will add this Artifact to its Crew Stash. Once per After Action Report, before any Scarce Gear Checks are made or Scrap Tokens are sold, the Crew’s Commander appoints one model from the Crew to make a Gear Check. The opposed roll Difficulty is based on the Artifact’s Condition.

If the Gear Check is passed then the Crew may either have Extra Rations for all members in the next Game, or may generate Extra Ammo to give to a number of models equal to the Condition of the Artifact. Good Condition produces 3 Extra Ammo Gear pieces that the Player may either put in the Crew’s Stash or assign to its members that can use it. An Auto-Fac in Fair Condition produces 2 Extra Ammo Gear, and one in Poor Condition only produces 1. This type of Extra Ammo will apply to any type of Ranged Weapon whether Common, Scarce, or Artifact.

Bio-Scanner – When attempting to Detect enemy models in Ambush, this model’s Detection range is 3x its CBT Rating in inches. This does not increase if the enemy in Ambush is a Synthetic Lifeform.

Crash-Pack – When this model is first Wounded during a Game, this Artifact triggers and the model ignores the Wounded result turning it into a No Effect result instead. If the model ends the Game without being further Wounded, it will still need to make a Trauma Check in the After Action Report. One use only. Non-Android Alpha User only.

Grav-Compactor – Used in Ancient times as a rapid method of sanitation containment, this hand held device uses a high gravity field to attract any debris or personnel to its shielded micro-singularity.

As its Action, a model with this Artifact may Move up to 3” and throw the device to any open spot not occupied by models or Terrain that is within a number of inches equal to the model’s base CON Rating. Or it may throw the device first and then Move up to 3”.

Once this has been done, the controlling Player places a 1” diameter Grav Token on the desired spot within Range. All models within 3” of the Grav Token are immediately moved into base contact with the Token. This is in a straight line by the most direct route. If any other models are already in contact with the Grav Token and there is no clear direct route to the Token, then move the models into base contact. This does not allow them to become Engaged as they are pinned together by the high gravity field.

Any Active models in that area lose their Action Token and all models drawn into the field are subject to the Heavy Trait while trapped within this area.

The effect of this device may persist in subsequent Turns based on the condition of the Artifact. In the SitRep Phase of the next Turn, after any Rout Checks have been made, the Players make a Random Check. If this Artifact’s condition is Good then the Random Check result must be 7+ for this effect to stop. If the condition is Fair the result of 5+ will end this effect. And if the condition of this item is Poor then a 3+ result will end the effect.

If the effect persists after this Random Check, then the Players will need to repeat this every Turn until the effect ends.

In subsequent Turns if this effect persists, any Ready models within the area of effect may be Ordered an Action Token, but may only use it to execute a Move Action to get out of the field in a straight line directly away from the Grav Token, as if fleeing from a source of Panic.

Any models that Move within the area of effect are immediately moved to the Grav Token as described above.

This Artifact is a single use item and is removed from the model’s Gear once used.

No-Rad Dose – This is an anti-radiation serum which removes all RADS from one model’s entry on the Crew Manifest. May be used at any time. One use only. Non-Synthetic models only.

Rad-Scanner – A model equipped with this Gear will detect a Radiation Event prior to it being triggered. This allows the model to make both Players re-roll the Event. If it is another Radiation Event, then that must be used normally.

Stim Dose – This medical stimulant energizes the user and allows them to return to the fight temporarily.

If a model has this Artifact and is Ready, then it may use this dose to Order an Action Token to itself. This is removed from the Crew Manifest once used.

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