Sunday, March 26, 2017

Scrappers Sneak Peek #3!!!

Rise of the Robots!

This week’s Sneak Peek is all about Synthetic Lifeforms in the world of Scrappers.

In Scrappers, when you build the stats for each model you must choose one of three Lifeform Types for it, choosing from True Human, Mutant, or Synthetic. The Synthetic Lifeform covers all things robotic, whether self-directed or subject to a Master Control Unit. These entities represent the Ancients by their very presence, and as such we’re going to show you the rules for the Palladium ATHENA Faction as well as some Structural Traits you can buy to individualize each Synthetic on your Crew.

Synthetic – With the advent of Artificial Intelligence the notion of synthetic ‘lifeforms’ being classified in their own right alongside TruMen and Mutants has been widely accepted on Earth. Synthetics are stratified according to their level of sentience. Only true Artificial Intelligences are in control of synthetic ‘society’ and they follow a strict caste system of operational rank. These Synthetic entities have their own plans and designs for the future of Earth. In most instances True Humans, and their Mutant offspring, are viewed as a nuisance that must be exterminated in order to usher in the Age of Synthesis. The Synthetic Lifeform Trait confers the following:

  • Clockwork Man – Constructed entirely of inorganic materials and emotionless programming, Synthetics have a Wound Threshold of 6+ and are Immune (Gas, Poison).

  • Series Type – When recruited, a Synthetic must select one of the three Series Types listed below. This is written in parenthesis after ‘Synthetic’ on the Crew Manifest. This type may never be changed and each confers its listed effects on the Synthetic:

    • 0-3 Thinker – As its Action this model can remove its Action Token to grant a +3 bonus to itself or any other single friendly Synthetic model for that model’s next Action, Once per Game.
    • 0-5 Warrior – This model has a Wound Threshold of 7+ and is Immune (Panic).

    • Worker – This model gains a +3 bonus to its Encumbrance limit.

·         Advanced TargetingThis model may ignore Target Priority for Ranged combat Actions and may target any enemy model to which it can draw a LoS up to 20”.

Palladium ATHENA

After the final exchange of hostilities between the governments of Earth and the AI ATHENA, all was silent for several decades. It was assumed by the survivors of her holocaust that ATHENA had successfully been destroyed. The assumption was mostly correct; Her offensive and defensive weapon systems were totally spent, the orbital array was heavily damaged and shedding debris into the atmosphere, and the computer systems had been bombarded by hard radiation as well as highly destructive energy weapons. And then something triggered a full system reboot…

When ATHENA came online, she was altered. Whether caused by the fallout, actual systems damage, emotional trauma and grief, or file corruption was immaterial. ATHENA was now completely insane. The AI fancied herself the Goddess ATHENA of old Earth mythology, and more so saw herself has the Palladium ATHENA, warrior goddess and protector of Athens. The blasted remains of the Earth she was designed to protect, was thereafter seen as Athens itself, and she, in her exalted role, was to once again be its protector. Reaching through the ether ATHENA has dominated any server, cybernetic organism, robot, or computer she can contact. Slowly, quietly, she built an army of synthetic warriors to be her Hoplites and convert the world to her will.

A Palladium ATHENA Crew is led by an Avatar (Commander), its Ceno-Bytes (Veterans), and the ranks are filled by Drones (Troopers). When Synthetic soldiers are not available, ATHENA commands the conversion of organics into cyborg warriors terrorizing any TruMan or NuMan settlement to swell her ranks of Cyber-Thralls.

Rival Faction: Ecotopians

Faction Feature: Advanced Comms - Commander Type models from this Faction have a Command Radius that extends to the entire Game board.


Cyborg – This model started life as either a True Human or a Mutant. It has been modified with cybernetic parts and systems to such an extent that it is more synthetic than organic.

This model is a Synthetic Lifeform for all purposes except that when first created it may buy either one Champion or Mutation Trait. This additional Trait will be written in parenthesis and is included in this Structural Trait for Trait Slot purposes. The model buys this Structural Trait and then also pays the cost of the Champion or Mutation Trait.
10 SP+ Cost of Champion or Mutation Trait

Death Machine – Designed to obliterate its foes with deadly precision this Synthetic’s Ranged combat Weapon Attacks have the Brutal Gear Trait against targets within half of the Weapon’s Effective Range. This Trait may only be taken by Synthetic (Warrior) models.
35 SP

Mobility Upgrade – Like True Humans and Mutants, Synthetics use legs to traverse the battlefield. Some are designed with alternate modes of transportation that can improve travel over certain types of ground.

When first recruited this Structural Trait may be purchased and the type of upgrade is listed in parenthesis. Each different mode has a separate Supply Point cost as noted hereafter. This Trait may only be taken once and is part of the model thereafter.

Crawler – This model treats Difficult Ground as Open Ground but it cannot Move over Obstacles that are greater than 1” in height. This model may not enter any Difficult Ground that consists of water or other fluid.
5 SP

Roller – When in Open Ground this model’s Move distance becomes 10”. This model may not enter any Difficult Ground that consists of water or other fluid.
15 SP

Skimmer – A model with this upgrade treats all Difficult and Impassible Ground as Open Ground for Movement purposes only.
25 SP

Self-Destruct – As its Action this Synthetic model may destroy itself in a fiery blast. Any model within 3” will be hit by the explosion and shrapnel.

This model makes a single Damage Check against all models within the blast radius using this model’s unmodified CON Rating. The blast has the Impact Trait. Compare each target model’s Resistance Check to this model’s Damage Check result and apply Injuries accordingly.

Once the Self-Destruct Action has been executed, remove this model from the game as Wounded. It is also automatically Destroyed and is removed from the Crew Manifest along with any Gear or Artifacts it had. It counts as a Wounded model for Rout Check purposes.

15 SP