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All Things Mutant!

“MUBAR – slang acronym, NuMan origin – meaning: MUtated Beyond All Recognition.” Excerpt from the Lexicon Omega, Lodge of Recovery #667

Mutants are the dominant species in the world of Scrappers. As such, it’s only fitting that we Sneak Peek this Lifeform Type in anticipation of the book’s release.

In Scrappers, when you build the stats for each model you must choose one of three Lifeform Types for it, choosing from True Human, Mutant, or Synthetic.  We are also going to show you the all Mutant Faction the Gamma Lords, whose goal of exterminating the remaining TruMen rivals the pro-TruMan bigots of the Purge. Read on….

Mutant – Any biological life whether human, animal, insect, or plant, that didn’t die off or totally resist the Triple Helix Event had a third strand of DNA activated in their cells and are classified as Mutants. Whether their mutations are physical, mental, or merely cosmetic Mutants constitute the largest sentient population on Earth. Mutants with severe or debilitating defects usually don’t survive long and are rarely if ever to be found on a Recovery Crew. Those that can join a Crew are considered to have intelligence and mobility similar to True Humans, though they tend to be more resistant to injury and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The Mutant Lifeform Trait confers the following:

  • Helix Health – Mutants have a Wound Threshold of 6+ and may re-roll their d10 result for any Trauma Check.

  • Genotype – When recruited, a Mutant must select one of the three Genotypes listed below. This is written in parenthesis after ‘Mutant’ on the Crew Manifest. This type may never be changed and each confers its listed effects on the Mutant:

    • Bruiser – Once per Game this model may re-roll a single d10 result for its Resistance Check. This model also gains a +1 Encumbrance bonus and negates the Heavy and Fatigue Traits on its Gear.

    • 0-5 Strider – This Mutant has heightened mobility and speed. It has a Move rate of 10”. This model treats all Obstacles 2” or less as Open Ground. If this Mutant becomes subject to the Heavy Trait its Move becomes 6” while under that effect.

    • 0-3 Wyrd – This Mutant’s psychic static confuses its enemies and inhibits their attacks. This model uses its CMD/2 number of dice when making all Defense Checks.

  • Nuclear Man – Having its genetic makeup altered by the Triple Helix Effect and various amounts of hard radiation this model ignores the first RAD it receives in each Game.

Gamma Lords Faction

As the Earth became a smoking ruin following the events of the Apocalypse, those beings that were grossly mutated and managed to survive had come to dominate a vast amount of the wasteland. Calling this terrifying new world Nuclear Terra, or NuTerra in their common parlance, many of the surviving mutated humanoids built the great city of Mutopia. Here only Mutantkind may live, and all True Humans are put to the sword. The evils of TruManity must be avenged until only the Nuclear Man stands to inherit the NuWorld.

Mutopia is ruled by the Lord Hi-Fi Chromo-Zar, Hades Apocalon, who acts as high priest and supreme commander of the Gamma Lords Mutocracy. Under his iron grip a strict hierarchy has been established around the Gamma Lords credo of ‘Mutate or Die!’ as founded in the Old Words of Char-Dar, Ancient Father of Natural-Select. Little regard is given to the death of lower order Mutants in these ranks of the fittest, and the more evolved  of the Gamma Lords have nothing but contempt for their fellows who cannot overcome the hazards of their planet.

A Gamma Lords Crew is led by a Chromo-Zar (Commander), its Mutarchs (Veterans), and the ranks are filled by Slags (Troopers). These Crews are highly dangerous having access to an array of mutations, high quality weapons, fanatical leadership, and a thirst for power.

Rival Faction: The Purge

Faction Feature: Mutocracy - A Mutant Commander is Immune (Panic from Losses) from any of its Crew. Veterans are Immune (Panic from Losses) from any Troopers on their Crew.

Mutation Traits

In addition to the Core Traits all Lifeform Types may choose from when they are first recruited, Mutant models may have one or more Mutation Trait that represents the bizarre powers this new lifeform is capable of manifesting. These are not required, and may also be gained later in a Campaign. Here’s a sampling…

In addition to other types Mutation Traits are either Mental (M) or Physical (P) as noted in their entry.

Brute (P) - Due to its size and toughness this model has a Wound Threshold of 7+ and increases its Encumbrance limit by +1 point.

In Close combat this model gains a +1 bonus to both its Weapon Reach and Base Damage Rating.
15 SP

Extra Arms (P) - This model gains +1 Base Close combat Attack. It may use two single-handed Close combat Weapons as if it had the Two Weapon Fighting Trait.

It may also have up to two Shields and can stack their ARM Ratings with its other Armor. If equipped with two Shields it only gets one re-roll as an Active Shield Defender.

This Trait negates the Heavy and Fatigue Traits from any Shields or Weapons. Its maximum Encumbrance is increased by +1 point.

The model must have extra arms, appendages, tails, or tentacles, etc. sculpted on it to purchase this Trait.
25 SP

Force Field (M) – This Mutation creates a psychic force field that surrounds the Mutant and protects it from harm.

When Ready, this model adds its CMD/2 Rating to its ARM Rating.

While this model is an Active Defender it gains the Shield Gear Trait even when Defending against Ranged Attacks.
20 SP

Gammahide (P, S) – A Mutant with this alteration has developed some type of hardened carapace, radiation toughened skin, or other protective enhancement.

When making a Resistance Check this model gains a +1 CON Rating bonus per level of this Trait.
10 SP/10 EXP/10 EXP

Inhuman Strength (P) – Gifted with incredible physical strength this Mutant is a powerhouse in battle.

It gains a +3 CON Rating bonus to its Base Damage in Close combat and adds +3” to any Thrown Weapon’s Effective Range when used for a Ranged Attack Check.

This Trait negates the Heavy and Fatigue Traits from this model’s Gear and its Encumbrance limit is increased by +3 points.

30 SP


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