Sunday, August 27, 2017


I'm very sad to see the announcement that our friends at Spartan Games closed their doors today. As many of you who own our Scrappers game know, Spartan Games scenery is highly featured throughout. They were one of our first and very generous product sponsors, and we were proud to feature their scenery in our product.

It is with much empathy that we wish them all good luck in their future endeavors, whatever they may be.

And then to read the same thing about Tor Gaming. Again, as a small crew of volunteers who love this hobby, we deeply understand the increased difficulty in today's crowdfunding fueled consumer market to fight for the 'mind share' of customers.

So we wish the folks at Tor the best as well.

My brother-in-arms Mike Todd, owner of The Launchpad Comics & Games in Lodi, CA, and I have been conversing the past few weeks as to how flooded today's wargame/boardgame/role-playing game market has become with so many new products and companies fighting for the same dollar. Add to that the foundational companies who have built the industry over the past 30 years with their time tested product lines, and we have a serious barrage of things to spend your money on, and you can't buy them all....

In fact, I was lamenting that we haven't sold out our first print run of Scrappers yet, and then a few days later realized its only been available for just over 4 months! ONLY 4 months! I think it feels much longer because of the enormous amount of competing products that have hit the market since we dropped Scrappers April 17th. It feels like much longer, but its still in its infancy as a live product, so I'm not feeling so bad.

I honestly think my expectations were artificially high, because of the other print runs of other books I've seen that sold out in a few weeks. Now I have reset my timeline. :)

Over the next few days we will be posting spotlight snaps of miniatures and scenery in our Scrappers book from our strategic partners. Please check them out and if so inclined get them some business!

All my best,

Bob Faust

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